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Come Train With Us!

INSIDER began in 2012 serving only one private sector client and one local law
enforcement agency, providing structured training and consulting services. Back
then, there was a large training void across the spectrum. All over the country,
security officers and close protection agents needed to be better trained in
mindset, combative science, firearms proficiency, weapons manipulation, tactics,
patrol procedures, and planning and implementing protective details. Retired
military personnel needed a no-nonsense way to transition their advanced
training to a civilian context and/or acquire additional training to help them
succeed in the private sector, and law enforcement officers needed training
beyond the academy to increase their safety on the streets. Thus, INSIDER was

Today, INSIDER consults with various public and private entities on training and
safety programs and has industry partners worldwide. As a training company, we
have hosted, and have been hosted by, some of the top instructors in their
respective fields. Our team of instructors comprise of experienced military, law
enforcement, and security personnel. We continue to learn and evolve as
students of our craft and we are proud to still be thriving after a decade of
proliferation and fizzling of training companies in our industry. We are based in
Houston, Texas because this is our home.

While our specialty is security, weaponry, and tactics, we have also developed an
impressive and ever-expanding list of courses offered to the every-day citizen of
this great country because we believe that self-protection is every free man’s
right and responsibility. In fact, this has been our primary focus since 2020 and we
have been privileged to graduate close to 1700 students from our programs and
courses nationwide. As a multicultural organization, we are also proud to have
expanded our training to some minority communities, most notably the Asian and
Hispanic communities. Several of our classes can be taught in Mandarin and we
also have Spanish and Vietnamese speaking instructors on our team as well. This
has made our alumni network extremely diverse and we are committed to
continuing to deliver quality training to every deserving person, regardless of race

or religion. We are grateful for this opportunity and thank the mentors who have
helped us and continue to help us along this journey.

We look forward to working with you, your family, agency, company, or

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