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Texas Commissioned Officer Training


  • 550 US dollars
  • Full Armor Gun Range|Top Gun Range|INSIDER TRAINING CENTER

Service Description

Texas Commissioned (Armed) Security Officer Training This course fulfils the 45 hours of training required by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau for armed security officer licensure. Upon completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of training suitable for submission to DPS for commissioning and licensure. This course is taught by experienced security industry professionals, covering a wide array of topics including: • Laws o Authority to arrest o Weapons • Field note taking and report writing • Crime scene o Maintaining integrity of evidence o Chain of custody o Media o Interviewing of witnesses • Patrol Tactics o Hazards o Cover and concealment • Use of force o Use of force continuum up to deadly force o Justification o Consequences of inappropriate use of force o Resistance • Conflict Resolution o Critical thinking o Problem solving o Attitude o After action • Defensive Tactics o Principles o Stance o Movements o Personal weapons o Strikes o Kicks o Pressure points o Takedowns o Takedown defense o Ground defense • Handcuffing • Firearms o Safety o Nomenclature o Cleaning and maintenance o Fundamentals of shooting a handgun o Draw and presentation of a firearm o Single hand operation o Malfunctions o Shotguns • Intermediate Weapons o Non-lethal o Less-lethal o Retention o Baton Tactics • Chemical Weapons o OC certification Students who need renewals may attend a 6-hour recertification class for $150 and pass the firearms proficiency test. Tuition: $500 basic (handgun + OC), $550 Handgun + OC + Shotgun Range Fee: $30 德州第三级可携枪安保人员培训课程 主要收获  完成德州公安部对第三级可携枪安保人员获取执照的45小时培训要求。  学员可凭本课程结业证书向德州公安部申请第三级可携枪安保人员执照。 课程内容  相关法律:逮捕的权利,武器的使用。  报告文件:现场笔记和情况报告的书写。  犯罪现场:维护证据完整性,证据监管链,媒体应对,与目击证人面谈。  巡逻技巧:危险状况,掩护和隐蔽。  使用武力:由最轻微到致命的武力,正当性,非正当使用武力的后果,抗拒的处置。  解决冲突:批判性思维,冲突的解决,处理的态度,事后的处置。  防卫技巧:基本原则,站姿,动作,枪械,手击,足踢,擒拿点,压制方法,压制防卫,地面防卫。  手铐使用。  枪械使用:安全措施,专用术语,清理保养,基础射击,拔枪应用,单手操作,故障解决,散弹枪使用。  替代性武器:非致命,轻度致命,抓捕控制,棍棒技巧。  化学武器:辣油喷雾器(OC)使用证书。 相关说明  本课程原则上在连续5天内完成(每天9小时)。无法连续5天上课的学员可另外协商安排日程。  学员在射击认证日请携带一把手枪,一个枪套,50发手枪子弹,(电子)耳罩,眼罩,笔和记事本,矿泉水。要求获得散弹枪射击认证的学员请另外携带一把散弹枪和5发00 buckshot子弹(本课程免费提供手枪和散弹枪各一把给尚未拥枪的学员使用。也可以现场购买子弹)。  学费:$500(手枪+辣油喷雾器认证);$550(手枪+辣油喷雾器+散弹枪认证)。靶场费:$30。 (又,需要更新执照的学员可以参加一个6小时的“再认证课程”并通过手枪射击测试,费用$250)。  时间:45小时。

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

尽管名额有限,但请在报名前确保您能够参加课程。所有购买的课程均不可退款,除非 INSIDER 因我们无法控制的原因取消课程。在这种情况下,学生将获得全额退款。如果学生无法参加已购买的课程,则该学生将获得另一门具有可比价值的未来课程的全额学分。没有事先通知的未出现将不予计分。如果您无法参加已注册的课程,请尽快通过电子邮件通知我们 Even though space is limited, please be sure you are able to attend a course before you sign up for it. All courses purchased are non-refundable unless INSIDER cancels the course due to reasons outside of our control. In such an event, students shall receive a full refund. If a student cannot attend a class that has been purchased, the student will be given full credit toward another future class of comparable value. No-shows without prior notice will not be given credit. If you cannot attend a class that you have registered for, please notify us ASAP via email at

Contact Details

  • Full Armor Gun Range, Katy Freeway, 休斯敦得克萨斯美国


  • Top Gun Range, Beverly Hill Street, 休斯敦得克萨斯美国


  • 11110 Bellaire Blvd #207, Houston, TX 77072美国


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