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Concealed Handgun Elements- 1

手枪 301:隐蔽携枪防身要素 – 1

  • 300 US dollars
  • Brazos River Sportsman's Club

Service Description

Let students acquire the skills to quickly and safely draw a gun and quickly put bullets on the target, aim in emergency situations, move footwork, and restore calm breathing methods, as well as help students face the challenges brought by multiple shooting targets. Main takeaways  Acquire the correct mentality, safety awareness and adaptability for concealed carry. ∎ Through detailed teaching and targeted drills, you can accurately master the basic skills of carrying a concealed gun for self-defense, as well as loading, drawing and shooting in emergency situations.  Students who have completed Series 1 can continue to Series 2 and 3 Course content  Basic skills for concealed carry and self-defense: stance, holding the gun, trigger control, breathing, aiming, balance of accuracy and pressure.  Emergency reloading explanation and demonstration: emergency and tactical reloading, troubleshooting.  Holster and draw: holster categories, holster selection, and breakdown of the draw steps.  Concealed Draw: Clothing Impediments, Related Considerations, and Some Recommendations.  Decomposition of the action of drawing a gun, drawing the gun quickly and purposefully, and instructions on aiming  Lessons, drills, and shooting at a private outdoor range. Students should dress appropriately for the weather.  Shooting experience is not limited, but those who have concealed carry experience but have not received systematic training will especially benefit a lot.  Please bring: a pistol, at least one holster, magazine holster, at least three magazines, 300 rounds of ammunition, (electronic) ear protection, eye protection, pen and notepad, mineral water, sunscreen, and a concealed carry gun Certified users can carry daily configuration. 让学员获得快速安全拔枪和快速让子弹上靶的技巧, 紧急时刻的瞄准, 移动步法,和恢复平静的呼吸方法,以及帮助学员面对多个射击目标所带来的挑战。 主要收获  获得隐蔽携枪的正确心态,安全意识和应变能力。  通过细部分解的授课和有针对性的演练,确切掌握隐蔽携枪防身的基本功夫,以及紧急状况下的装弹,拔枪和射击。  上完系列 1 的学员并能继续上系列 2 和 3 课程内容  隐蔽携枪防身的基本功夫:站姿,握枪,扳机控制,呼吸,瞄准,准度与压力的平衡。  紧急装弹讲解和演示:紧急与战术装弹,故障解决。  枪套拔枪:枪套类别,枪套选择,拔枪步骤分解。  隐蔽拔枪:衣着障碍,相关考量,和一些建议。  拔枪分解动作,快速有目的拔枪,瞄准说明  在私人室外靶场进行授课,演练,和射击。学员应按天候适当着装。  射击经验不拘,但有隐蔽携枪经验而没有接受过系统性训练者尤其将受益良多。  请携带:一把手枪,至少一个枪套,弹夹套,至少三个弹夹,300 发子弹,(电子)护耳罩,护眼罩,笔和记事本,矿泉水,防晒霜,有隐藏携枪证者可携带日常配置。

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尽管名额有限,但请在报名前确保您能够参加课程。所有购买的课程均不可退款,除非 INSIDER 因我们无法控制的原因取消课程。在这种情况下,学生将获得全额退款。如果学生无法参加已购买的课程,则该学生将获得另一门具有可比价值的未来课程的全额学分。没有事先通知的未出现将不予计分。如果您无法参加已注册的课程,请尽快通过电子邮件通知我们 Even though space is limited, please be sure you are able to attend a course before you sign up for it. All courses purchased are non-refundable unless INSIDER cancels the course due to reasons outside of our control. In such an event, students shall receive a full refund. If a student cannot attend a class that has been purchased, the student will be given full credit toward another future class of comparable value. No-shows without prior notice will not be given credit. If you cannot attend a class that you have registered for, please notify us ASAP via email at

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  • Brazos River Sportsman’s Club, Bowser Road, Fulshear, 得克萨斯美国


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